All days of the conference take place in Ghent at Het Pand (Onderbergen 1), an old thirteenth-century monastery renovated by the university into a convention center. Evening roundtables are held at the cultural center Vooruit (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23).

Getting there

Both venues are located in the center of the city and easily accessible by foot and/or by tramway, once you are in Ghent. To get there, taking the train might be the best option, you can find all information on the website of the Belgian rail. Train tickets are rather inexpensive; a ticket is valid on any train at any time of the day and there are no allocated seats. Go down at the station Gent-Sint-Pieters, it is a 30-minute walk from the center and a tramway line also connects the station to the center.

If you are coming by plane and landing at Brussels Airport, you can directly take the train  there to Brussels and Ghent. If you are landing at Brussels South Charleroi Airport, you can either take a bus to Charleroi Station, or take a shuttle to Brussels and then hop on a train to Ghent.