Philippe Capart

Philippe Capart is born in 1973 and studied comics and animation. Out of professionnal curiosity, he is interested in the behind-the-scenes of graphic narration, which have led him to co-author Morris, Franquin, Peyo et le dessin animé, with Erwin Dejasse, as well as the documentary Belvision, la mine d’or au bout du couloir. He has founded the “magasin-magazine,” or editorial bookstore, La Crypte Tonique in September 2011: drawing on this ‘crypt’ of graphic material, he taps into this archive to suggest alternative perspectives on the history of comics. La Crypte Tonique is mostly based on the collections recuperated from Michel Deligne’s Brussels-based second-hand bookstore, which had been offering a living memory of comics to readers since the 1970s. Rooted in a tradition of fan archives and their networks, La Crypte Tonique particularly seeks to reinvest the past in a dynamic interaction with the present, as each issue of the magazine highlights how ‘old stuff’ might speak to us today. After all, its latest issue, on hieroglyphics, is tellingly titled: “les anciens, c’est nous!”


Photo by Saskia Vanderstichele (Agenda, 2011)