Pascal Matthey

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Pascal Matthey has been living and working in Brussels long enough to seamlessly mingle with the locals. He has published several comics with Brussels-based publisher L’Employé du Moi, often drawing from his memories to evoke childhood joys and traumas.

In parallel to this autobiographical work, he has explored the wild zones of self-publishing with the Habeas Corpus label, editing obscure and ephemeral fanzines as Spouk the Dog, Soap Comics and We All Go Down. In 2013, he published with La Cinquième Couche, an other Brussels-based publisher, his abstract collage comics album 978.

Besides his comics work, he also performs music with his band Carl et les hommes boites or in solo projects under the name of Major Mengelmoes.

Selected works

  • Les Têtards, L’Employé du Moi, 2016
  • 978, La Cinquième Couche, 2013
  • Du Shimmy dans la vision, L’Employé du Moi, 2011
  • Pascal est enfoncé, L’Employé du Moi, 2007
  • Le Verre de lait, L’Employé du Moi, 2004


Further reading

Pedro Moura, “978 by Pascal Matthey,” du9, l’autre bande dessinée, April 2014, online.