Gunnar Krantz

Gunnar Krantz (born 1962) is a Swedish comics artist and senior lecturer in visual communication at Malmö University. He started out in the late 70s Swedish fanzine scene. In the 80s he took part in the introduction of international contemporary comics for the Swedish market and also published his first award winning graphic novel, Alger(1986). He has published 14 books and his work has been exhibited at art institutions, galleries and museums.

Gunnar has played a key part in building an infrastructure around comics in Sweden and especially Malmö by initiating networks and facilitating platforms for both production and education, such as The Comics Art School in Malmö and courses on comics at the universities in both Gothenburg and Malmö. In his recent work “Kooperatören” (The Co-Operator which can be found at> he investigates the Swedish co-operative movements use of advertisement in the early 30s. Gunnar’s research focusses on the relation between comics and contemporary art, the emergence of the Swedish comics field and reflects upon comics pedagogy. For more information visit: