Dominique Goblet

Dominique Goblet was born in 1967 in Brussels and studied illustration at the Institut St-Luc. She regularly shows her paintings and sculptures in Belgium and abroad. Her mixed technique and multiple influences go into service with a unique graphic style.

Her first book, Portraits crachés, published by Fréon, compiled stories and images originally published in emblematic magazines of the renewed interest in comic in the 90s such as Frigo, created by some of her former fellows at the Institut Saint-Luc, which closely link comic with visual arts and resolutely wander from the Belgian model. Her first full-length story Souvenir d’une journée parfaite was published in 2001 as part as the project Récits de villes. Published in 2007 by L’Association, her autobiographical book Faire semblant, c’est mentir, that she started 12 years before, shows a consistent work wondering about representation and the innermost as much as  fiction and time. The book was nominated several times at Angoulême and received the Prix Töpffer. It has been translated into six languages.

After Faire semblant, c’est mentir, she continued her work exploring narrative in a more conceptual way, as showed by her books Les Hommes Loups (Frémok, 2010) and Chronographie (L’Association, 2010). The latter compiles portraits she’s been drawing of her daughter and portraits of her drawn by her daughter since 2002. In 2014, she added another collaborative piece of work at her bibliography with Plus si entente, result of a two years exchange/graphic conversation process with Kai Pfeiffer. The duo is now touring a new installation-performance based on that work, called “Le Jardin des candidats,” which has been shown at the Fumetto Festival in Luzern, at the Nabokox Museum in St. Petersburg and at the Arts Factory gallery in Paris.

Dominique Goblet won the Ecole européenne supérieure de l’image’s Prize in 2010. She teaches MA courses on illustration and comics at the ERG in Brussels. In 2015, she earned a diploma in electricity, plumbing and welding.

Selected Works

  • Plus si entente, with Kai Pfeiffer, Actes Sud, 2014
  • Chronographie, with Nikita Fossoul, L’Association, 2010
  • Les Hommes-Loups, Frémok, 2010
  • Faire semblant c’est mentir, L’Association, 2007
    translated in English as Pretending is Lying, New York Review Books, 2017
  • Souvenir d’une journée parfaite, Frémok, 2001
  • Portraits crachés, Fréon, 1997


Further reading

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